Battery Life – Know How To Extend Yours

It seems that as technology has advanced, battery life is decreased. It is not unusual these days to receive a low battery signal on your mobile or smartwatch long before the day ends, leaving you in a bit of a pickle, especially if you are nowhere near home and far from a charging point. There isn’t any need to panic just yet, there are things you can do to prolong what little battery life is still left.

Symphony of Settings

The general settings on your smartwatch is the best place to start. Basic setting changes, which can be done with ease, can have the lasting effects on your battery that is required. Dial the brightness down, even if on auto, dim the light until you can just comfortably see the screen and remember to turn the always on display feature off. Turn off your GPS device as well as the wireless function. The sound function doesn’t usually affect the battery life so putting the function to vibrate or silent isn’t going to make too much of a difference.

Background Activity

While adjusting settings isn’t quite enough to prolong the life in many instances, your apps could make a telling difference. Once in a while, you should do an app clean up and remove unnecessary and unused apps. It isn’t the apps themselves that cause the battery sapping, however, apps running in the background will draw power.

Turn off the notification feature on social media apps, each time a notification pops up it wakes the screen which saps power from the battery. Most android and IOS watches suspend apps that are open but not in use, after a period of time so closing your apps is not a necessity unless they are performing a background task. You may actually use more battery power by relaunching apps you use regularly rather than recalling them from the memory.